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Its not the kind of resort that everyone would have heard of, or indeed, that every travel consultant would handle but Roger had researched it well and knew where to go.

Id like to book a week at Horatios in the Dominican, he said as he shook hands with the agent.

Ah, yes, Horatios, the agent replied. You are aware of what Horatios offers I presume, Sir?

Yes, perfectly, Roger smiled, I would like to book a week for my wife and I.

He left the travel agent feeling good; there was an extra spring in his step. Soon he and his wife, Tess, would be on their way to the luxurious, couples-only, Horatios Resort. It catered to GHSTs (Greedy, Horny, Slutty Tarts) and their husbands. It was a place where a smile or a nod meant, Yes, we can have sex. He couldnt wait to get home to tell Tess that the trip was arranged. They had spoken about it often and it always made her very horny. She had wanted to go to Horatios ever since overhearing tourists talking about it on a previous trip to the Dominican.

She had caught snippets of the tourists conversation at the next table, Yes, Horatios Resort...naked or near-naked all the time...lots of sexual activity...married couples only...very exclusive and expensive...almost anything goes, anytime, anywhere...known affectionately as the Tarts Paradise. This last phrase made her smile, Roger often called her his slutty tart, she loved to dress erotically and display her body and he loved to watch her.

Tess had just turned sixty but was still very sexual and required lots of physical pleasuring. She had a lovely body that she had always taken care of; she liked herself, on the inside and the outside when she was clothed, in lingerie or naked and had to admit she was a bit of an exhibitionist. For the past few years it had been a struggle for Roger, who was four years older, to keep pace with her sexual appetite which had always been very high and seemed to be increasing.

His sex drive wasnt what it used to be and for the past several years he found and vetted men to keep her sexually fulfilled through an adult web site. He had to admit that next to fucking her, watching her with another man ran a close second.

Tess raced upstairs after Roger told her the trip was booked for a February 9th departure to sort out what she would wear even though they wouldnt leave for another ten days. He followed and watched as she chose lingerie, stockings, high heels, very short skirts, skimpy tops and two pairs of panties. There, almost done, she said slightly out of breath, more from excitement than exertion.

Only two pairs of panties for the week? Roger observed.

One pair for the trip there, the other pair for the trip back! I wont any at all at the resort; theyll just be in the way.

Roger raised his eyebrows and smiled, put that way she made perfect sense.

Tess looked at Roger and gave him that certain smile. He knew what it meant and she quickly stripped off, lay on the bed and splayed her legs. Eat me, I so horny thinking about this trip.

Horatios -- Day One

The flight into Santiago was uneventful and the almost two hour drive in the Horatios luxury bus to the resort north of Nagua was filled with anticipation and excitement. Tess glanced around at her fellow passengers, in part to eye the men but also to checkout the competition.

The men looked interesting and she was sure Roger would like most of the women. She noted that her fellow passengers all looked the way she felt...anxious to get to the resort, out of her clothes and into sex. The bus passed through the security gate but it still took fifteen minutes to reach the main complex; the resort was isolated and very secure.

Service at the main desk was professional and all guests were advised that staff were not allowed to interact sexually with the guests and was cause for their dismissal and the ejection of guests from the resort. Roger and Tess were soon golf-carted to chalet 466, their home for the next week, amid palm trees and lush plantings with the nearby ocean providing a rhythmic and relaxing ambiance. On the way they saw many naked and scantily clad guests and various sexual activities. Tess looked at Roger with a big smile, the sights invigorated her and she was horny, she couldnt wait to freshen up and explore.

Less than an hour later they left the chalet for a tour of the resort. Roger wore beach shorts while Tess wore the tiniest of bikini thongs and no top, her lovely, full tits swayed to and fro as they walked. As they passed one of several bars at the resort Roger steered Tess inside and they sat in a couple of oversize, comfy chairs. The place was about half full with people and Tess noticed several men with erections, some people were fondling while others were engaged in sex in couples or small groups.

Ooh, this is just what I need, she said to with a grin, not knowing where to look next.

So, we need to get you fucked as soon as possible, he replied, returning her grin.

Yes please, that would be nice.

The waitress brought drinks and they settled back in their chairs to watch the sexual activity around the bar. Tess had not escaped the attention of most of the men; she had a lovely body and enjoyed showing it off. After a few minutes a man came over, looked first at Roger then Tess and asked, while looking at her tits,

Excuse me; Im Andy, may I?

Neither Roger nor Tess knew exactly what he meant but their body language said okay. He knelt beside her chair and began to fondle her breasts. She lay back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention. She opened them when she felt his mouth and looked down as he expertly aroused her nipples until they were as hard as granite. He stood and his erection jutted out just above Tess head. She took hold of it and caressed the head and shaft then fondled his balls before jerking him a few times.

You have beautiful tits and a lovely touch, I hope to see you later, at dinner or the dance maybe, he said with a smile.

Tess smiled back and gave a slight nod then he was gone. She gave Roger a naughty smile as he said, Youre a slutty tart, I bet he fucks you tonight.

I certainly hope so," she replied and emptied her glass.

Roger just smiled and shook his head; he wanted to see her get fucked as much as she wanted to. They left the bar and oriented themselves with the rest of the resort. Roger noticed the pool areas were a hub of activity with couples and groups engaged in sex both in and out of the water. He saw many fine women in various states of undress and Tess was turned on by many attractive men and their hard cocks. There were two beaches, North Beach and South Beach. Chalets were located behind North Beach and attracted most guests. South Beach was not developed and palm trees and vegetation were thick above the high tide line. They strolled along holding hands; it was virtually deserted with just a scattering of guests.

Umm, this is nice, I hope its always like this, Tess said.

She loved to walk along a deserted beach either in early morning or the evening just after sunset. It was easy to find a nice spot on South Beach, they sat down and she removed her bikini thong.

Im going for a swim, she said and Roger watched her lovely ass as she ran to the ocean.

She swam and played among the breakers and attracted the attention of four young guys walking along the beach. They were naked and they called out to her asking if she was having fun and if they could play. She laughed and said, Come on in, the waters fine.

The men waded out to the waist-high water and gathered around her. They closed in and began mauling her. Hands roamed all over her body, her tits and nipples were kissed and fondled, fingers fought to probe her pussy from the front and back, hands felt and squeezed her ass. She groped for the hard cocks that were poking against her body and jerked them.

Lets go to shallower water, someone suggested and the group moved as one towards the shore.

Tess lay on her back just where the waves petered out on the sand. Immediately her legs were splayed wide apart and a hard cock penetrated her receptive pussy. Another cock found her mouth and her hands were directed to the other two. The guy inside her fucked with a frenzied urgency and soon ejaculated. A second cock replaced the first immediately and screwed her with much the same urgency and quickly shot his load. The third guy lay on his back and she climbed on top and rode him and sucked the dick of the fourth guy. This last pair lasted much longer and Tess began to climax as they drove their dicks into her faster and faster until they erupted in her pussy and mouth.

When she rejoined Roger he was dozing pleasantly on his back. She lay down beside him and he stirred, Have a stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv nice swim, he asked.

Yes, it was very...invigorating, she replied with a smirk realizing he hadnt seen her with the men.

Back at the chalet they had just enough time to change before going to dinner. Tess chose a torn tee shirt that didnt quite hide her breasts, a very short mini skirt that left a tantalizing inch of her beautiful ass showing...and more whenever she bent over, even a little. High-wedged sandals highlighted her shapely legs and Roger complimented her on looking very much the slutty tart.

Dinner was a strange affair, a mix of luxury and overt eroticism. The professional waiters dressed in tuxedos provided French Service and the waitresses in the classic little black dress, short and tight with stockings and high heels were in stark contrast to the naked and almost naked guests, many of whom were engaged in sexual activities but it enhanced the erotic atmosphere somehow. Tess placed a hand on Rogers crotch and was amazed how hard he was.

This vacation will be good for both of us she thought. He slipped his shorts down and she squeezed and jerked his erection. He was watching a man with a big cock receiving a blow job from two women, something that had always turned him on. Tess wanted to feel him inside her pussy. She stood and knelt on her chair, spread her legs and pushed her naked behind high in the air.

Fuck me Roger, fuck me right here, she demanded.

He stood and eased his erection passed her soft labia. It felt so good to be inside her, it had been such a long time that he had felt this horny and he didnt move. He fondled her ass and his cock throbbed with a steady beat in the wet pussy. He began stroking firmly into her and it didnt take long before he cried out and she felt a tremendous gush of hot cum filling her. She moaned as he continued to thrust until his dick became limp. As he withdrew there was a flutter of cheers and applause from nearby tables and he sat down feeling very much the stud. Tess sat back in her chair with a huge, satisfied smile on her face. What did it? she queried.

Oh, I dont know, this place, you, it just happened.

Well, I hope it happens again and again, you havent been that hard for long time.

So do I! I want to fuck you like I used to know. You can certainly go and get as much cock as you like, I want you to. You know how much I love to watch you, and I want to watch you get fucked a lot while we are here.

Dinner proved to be excellent and afterwards they drifted into the night club to check out the dance. As they passed the dance floor people writhed and fondled, urged on by the beat of the music and they found a table surrounded by the oversize chairs that were common at the resort. A waitress took their order and as their eyes adjusted to the subdued lighting they could see numerous sexual activities taking place around them. At nearby tables they watched as spouses were swapped and women lay back or knelt on chairs, bent over tables and were being fucked in their mouths and pussies or both holes.

Tess was horny and she crossed and uncrossed her legs as excitement and wetness grew between them. She glanced from one horny scene to the next, wishing to be involved in all of them. She excused herself to go to the washroom, making sure her walk exposed her ass and made her tits bounce.

When she returned and sat down she noticed a group of men and women looking her way. She flushed with excitement and slowly crossed and uncrossed her legs, making sure they knew she was doing it for them and they got views of her pussy. One of the men broke away from the group and walked towards her. He was naked and his large penis was almost fully erect. He stood in front of her and glanced at Roger, smiled then turned to Tess and said, Do it again.

She knew what he meant and subtly hiked her already very short skirt higher. She placed the tip of her little finger in the corner of her mouth, as a naughty child would do, and looked up at him through her eyelashes, pausing long enough to see his big, thick dick twitch. Slowly she uncrossed her legs and opened them wide for several seconds before closing them. She opened and closed them a few more times then left them open as she watched the man stroke his cock. He stepped closer and she took hold of his cock and leaned forward licking around the big knob before taking him into her mouth.

Suddenly she felt hands on her thighs and another man from the group had come over. He pulled her to the edge of the chair and pushed her legs up. Her pussy, now fully exposed to his stare, begged to be tongued, fingered and fucked. Two fingers explored her wet hot then his tongue took over. Her spread her labia and stimulated her clit with tongue and fingers.

Shes ready, Bill, she heard the man say and the cock pulled away from her mouth. The friend now guided his cock into Tess mouth and Bill pushed his big cock passed her pussy lips, stretching and filling her. Bill was deep inside and it felt so good. He whispered as he nibbled her ear, I saw you walk in, youre so sexy I had to have you. He began thrusting hard causing her to moan loudly drawing a small crowd around the table.

His cock became incredibly hard then she felt his scalding, white liquid completely fill her. She screamed as an orgasm shuddered through her and cum splashed down her throat and over her face. She milked the cock in her mouth for the last drop of cum and felt the big cock, now softening, slip from her soaking wet, cum-filled pussy. Come here, she said to Bill and she cleaned his dick, tasting his semen and her orgasm.

After another drink they were about to leave when Andy made an appearance with his arm around a very pretty white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie lady wearing stockings and heels. There you are, Ive been looking for you, this is my wife Jenny.

Well, here we are, Tess said with a laugh and introduced Roger to Jenny. We were just about to leave.

Ah, dont do that, one dance, surely.

They did make a good looking couple and Tess did fancy him, she judged the couple to be ten to fifteen years younger than she and Roger. Both were nicely tanned, Jenny was slim but curvy with large tits and a neatly-cut wedge of black pussy hair and a nice ass. Andy was nicely put together, his cock hung semi-erect but was stiffening as he looked at Tess. It always excited her to see the effect she had on mens cocks and she wanted this one inside her giving it to her hard.

Come on, give it a whirl...what do you say? Andy persisted happily with Jenny grinning in agreement.

Okay, sure, Tess grinned and as the foursome made for the dance floor she held his now fully erect and very hard dick. It was crowded but they found a little room and danced to two rock classics then a slow, dreamy oldie started. Andy held Tess close, his hand frequently moving down to fondle her ass and she could feel his stiff cock against her tummy. She reached down, fondled his nuts then jerked his cock a few times. It hard, thick and long and she knew where it would soon be and she was anxious for it to be there.

Meanwhile, Roger and Jenny were having fun. He was fondling her ass and could feel her big tits pressing into his chest. She snuck a hand down his swim shorts and played with his cock. The slow dance ended and they made their way back to the table.

One for the road? Andy offered.

There was a pause and Tess looked at Roger and after seeing a slight nod of his head said, We have drinks in our chalet, why not go there, it will be quieter and more comfortable.

Andy saw Jenny nod her agreement, Sounds great.

466...our chalet number...466, shall we say half an hour? Tess suggested.

Half an hour it is, see you then.

While Tess had a quick shower Roger removed his shorts and poured himself a drink. He was excited and his cock was throbbing. When Tess came out of the shower room he was sitting on the sofa watching a porn channel and sipping his drink, his erection twitched on his stomach. Drink? he offered.

Just juice, Ive already had my limit and how come youre so horny, thinking about Jenny?

Thinking about Jenny, thinking about you and Andy, watching these black guys fucking white women...its almost too much...almost!

Tess leaned over, gave him a kiss and took his glass away. Shower, before they get here, she ordered.

She opened the drawer and looked at her options. Should she wear anything at all? Yes she should she decided, she wanted to look very sexy for Andy. Roger had his shower and came back into the room to see her lying on the bed masturbating furiously as she watched TV. She looked very erotic in black nylons with matching garter belt and half-cup bra and high heels.

Cant you wait five minutes? he chuckled as he looked down at his horny wife.

I think Im getting addicted to watching black guys, never paid much attention before but now it really gets me going.

Well have to find you a real, live one; Id love watch you getting stuffed with a huge black dick.

Before she could answer there was a knock at the door. Roger opened it and let Andy and Jenny in. Jenny looked ravishing in a white, topless corset, fishnet stocking and heels. Roger felt his cock twitch and saw that Andy was already fully erect. With drinks poured and served the men sat on the small sofa and the gals on the end of the bed. Why dont you ladies give us a show? Andy suggested.

They looked at one another, shrugged and hopped down. The guys fondled their dicks as the gals paraded around, bending over and feeling themselves. As Tess stood in front of the guys playing with her pussy Jenny came up behind her and fondled her tits. Another woman had never done this to her before but it felt exciting so she allowed it to continue. Her nipples became super hard under Jennys touch and when one hand left her tits and went to her pussy she opened her legs wider to give her better access. Change around, Roger yelled and Jenny stepped to the front. Tess fondled Jennys big tits (another first) then her fingers felt the first pussy other than her own. It excited her and she was very aroused by what was happening.

I think its time you ladies sucked some cock, what do you say Roger? Andy asked.

No time like the present, came his response and the wives knelt between the mens legs.

Jenny was a good cocksucker, almost as good as Tess who was working hard on Andys stiff cock.

Get up on the bed, Andy instructed and Tess lay down and opened her legs thinking she would receive his cock. Instead, Jenny got on the bed and tongued her wet pussy and aroused her clit. Tess didnt know what to think but she knew how it felt and she liked it. Perhaps the old adage was true; it takes a woman to really know how to sexually pleasure another woman and Jenny was surely doing that. She held Jennys head tight to her pussy as she writhed and moaned, multiple orgasms overtaking her. Jenny moved away and Tess opened her eyes to see her pussy above her.

She had never tasted another woman but when Jenny lowered onto her she tongued her hungrily. She spread Jennys labia open and tongued her clit then pushed three fingers inside. Jenny climaxed and Tess tasted her pussy juice and climaxed again herself. Roger and Andy stood on either side of the bed, stroking their dicks and feeling the gals bodies.

What a horny site, Andy said gaining Rogers immediate agreement. Time to get you girls fucked.

Jenny rolled off Tess and turned around. They lay side by side, legs wide apart ready to be fucked. Andy lay on top of Tess kissing her breasts, Take me Andy, take me, she said and opened her legs to accept his cock.

It was late and it had been a long day so Andy and Jenny didnt linger. While Tess showered Roger turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. He stopped at 63, the porn channel, and lay back on the bed to watch. Your turn," Tess yelled as she finished her shower and came out with a towel around her head. Roger didnt move then she saw what was on the TV. A white woman was being screwed by two black guys. You love this kind of porn dont you? she chided.

I certainly do, Id give my right nut to see you with a black guy, but youve known that for years.